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Kuu's Log



We reached orbit.


Oceans glitter while Terra lulls,

                        whether basked in moonlight

                        or sun.


Kuu, it’s a peaceful orb

                        with delicate life,

my best cadet whispered

in calm.


And so we studied.


We discovered that bodies are comprised of water,

yet our extremities

            cannot easily pass through them.

                                    We made a mess.

We prod,

            but this is found to be upsetting.


All species seem to function

                        for survival


            the loud ones

who put crude


in plastic casings

                        and stare all day.


We disrupted their communication

                                    for one full circle on Terra.

Panic set in.

            They were forced to grieve.


We noticed they named things

                                                after ancient languages.

                        Do they know how to progress?

We joined in this game,

called them secundum,

                                    Latin for ‘dependent.’


**LOG 1**


It is January 20, 2017

                                    on Terra.

            The secundum like pomp

and circumstance.

We are watching

the 6th quadrant.

                        Many have gathered

to view an orange being.

Many others take to their plastic.

It is all incoherent.




                                    The orange secundum encourages


spikes in anxiety

and rage.

Different colors seem to have different


What they do with their genitals

            also seems to be of irrational concern

                                                            to others.

We move in to study the orange secundum.



**LOG 2**


January 20, 2017 – evening.


The orange secundum proved easy to procure.


We marked hostiles with primitive weapons

who appeared to be protecting this being,

but when provoked, they seemed willing

                                                to give in.



**LOG 3**


January 21, 2017


The cadets call the procured secundum,


                        When monitoring the plastic screens

            it was a sound the orange secundum made



Yuge is sedated.

Yuge seems to dream in gold hues.

Yuge seems to be the only secundum in these dreams.

Yuge likes monuments that are “yuge.”

Yuge seems to be a word relating to size.



**LOG 4**


January 22, 2017


It is time to make contact.


Yuge awakens.


We do not understand any language from Terra.

            Their languages are aggressive,


Secundum rarely seem to understand

one another.


Yuge seems angry.

Yuge appears to be mimicking

                                    gestures of tying things,

                        or milking small animals

with his extremities

as Yuge tries to communicate.


We continue to monitor Yuge’s neural activity

                                                            while we communicate through visual means.

We show Yuge a map

            from Terra’s 6th quadrant

                                                to sector 48

in galaxy




The color of lavender.

Yuge is imagining a golden wall

                                    around our home.


Yuge sees explosions.

Yuge is wondering about our currency.

We have no currency.


We need to make strides in understanding unsubstantiated emotion.

Hate. Why hate?

Yuge sees a Terra without color.

A Mirra without us.



**LOG 5**


We have left Yuge

                        in containment today.

Yuge gets loud over something called

                                                a lawyer.

Yuge is thinking we owe currency

for his captivity.

Yuge wants to sell this story

as entertainment.

Yuge wants to communicate with me.


Before I ready a translation module,

                                                I wonder if Yuge

                        values communication.

First published in Yes, Poetry, January 20, 2017

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