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Scully, I Saw Elvis In A Potato Chip Once


Last night I pulled a horror through a hole

in time. From space! You should've seen


it. The way I unfolded everything. The way

it unfurled across my coffee table, before I bashed

through. Just so I could show you


that anything may exist. I was scared, at first,

when its tentacles, that were hanging

where a mandible should be, swallowed my hand


in a slime soaked greeting.Then it told me

not to pray to things in the sky, but rather

to pledge allegiance to creatures


pulled from wormholes. They won't lie,

not to you. Not to me either, I don't think.


Anyway, I put on my fancy clothes today

to tell you I was right all along. You're welcome.


First published in Luna Luna, 2017

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